CoETP in the News 2019

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To feed a hot planet, they’re making more efficient plants by Benjamin Ryan, New York Times, September 21 

The sunlight solution by Gio Braidotti. Groundcover, September 2 


For faster photosynthesis, add more protein by Nick Carne, Cosmos Magazine, August 19 

Improving photosynthesis to boost crop yields By Robyn Williams, ABC Science Show, August 17 



3D imaging reveals leaf complexity ARC Highlights Making a Difference, July  

Developing climate adapted varieties for future cotton productivity  by Robert Sharwood and Mike Bange, The Australian Cotton Grower 



Narrow leaves make better crops for future climates The NZ Herald. May 24



Just how much does enhancing photosynthesis improve crop yield?, April 8 

Fine tuning photosynthesis: Predictive model helps scientists breed higher yielding crops Genetic Literacy Project, April 8 

Brainstorming the yield challenge by Gio Braidotti, Groundcover, April 15 

Food Security: ANU federal election conversation series, ANU, April 8  

Solve it with science: improving photosynthesis Science and Technology Australia, April 

EXPERT REACTION: Global food sustainability needed to avoid catastrophic damage to the planet, ASMC



Tune up for key wheat evolution enzyme by Gio Braidotti, Groundcover, February 

How to put together a fast carbon-capturing engine: lessons from blue-green algae 


CoETP in the News 2018


On the cusps of another green revolution by David Fogarty, The Strait Times, November 11 



Gene thinkering improves maize yield,  by Nick Carne, Cosmos October 3