The Centre is committed to engage the public, students, teachers and industry and spark curiosity and understanding of its research.

Our education and public engagement outreach activities include:


Planting Science Lesson Plans – Teacher resources

Lesson plans that make it easy for teachers to deliver impactful yet inexpensive science lessons to inspire children.

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Photosynthesis exhibits and participation in public events

The Centre has developed several interactive exhibits  to engage our audiences and encourage curiosity and exploration. These displays have been showcased in events such as National Science Week.

Our Exhibits

Past Outreach events



Photo Exhibition Focus on Photosynthesis

Enter the hidden and captivating world of plants through a photographic exhibition that will open a window to the invisible world of photosynthesis. These images will take the viewer from the microscopic realm of the structures responsible of producing the oxygen we breathe, to the day to day life of plant scientists working to grow the crops of the future.
The images of this exhibition, are the result of a photographic competition organised by the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Translational Photosynthesis in 2017, aimed at telling the story of the Centre.

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