A banquet of C4 Photosynthesis: special issue on JXB

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The second 2017 issue of the Journal of Experimental Botany (JXB): C4 Photosynthesis 50 years of discovery and innovation is a banquet for those who want to know more about this exciting discovery and the way it has transformed plant science.

Centre Chief Investigators Susanne von Caemmerer, Oula Ghannoum and Robert Furbank begin this research feast with an enticing editorial: C4 Photosynthesis: 50 years of discovery and innovation, showing the sheer breath of the C4 Photosynthesis discovery.

Then Centre’s Director Robert Furbank invites you to walk with him the C4 pathway: past present and future, with a short history of the C4 photosynthesis pathway and the subsequent advances in biochemistry, molecular genetics, physiology and high-throughput sequence-based approaches. This is followed by Rowan Sage’s family portrait of the C4 photosynthetic family and hall of fame.

Don’t miss the main courses: 16 research papers covering all aspects of C4 photosynthesis and the insight on the selective pressures of C4 grasses, by Pascal Antoine Christin. The article on Effects of reduced carbonic anhydrase activity by 6 of our Centre’s researchers is specially recommended to share with as many fellow researchers as you can.