Congratulations to our Senior Australian of the year 2018

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By Natalia Bateman, CoETP. January 25, 2018


Our Chief Investigator Professor Graham Farquhar AO has won the 2018 Senior Australian of the Year.

This award is a recognition  for his research on plant biophysics and photosynthesis. His work investigate how water efficient crops can protect food security in a changing climate.

“Only by accepting, correcting and building on mistakes can we eventually experience the satisfaction of doing or seeing something that’s never been seen before.” said Prof Farquhar, during his acceptance speech.

“To me the most important things in life are to struggle to improve, to struggle to be honest and to struggle to re-evaluate ones prejudices,” he said.

All his colleagues at the ARC CoE for Translational Photosynthesis congratulate him for this well deserved honour.