A look into the hidden and fascinating world of photosynthesis

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As part of National Science Week, our Centre is going to participate in the Canberra’s Science in ACTion festival, with exciting displays and hand-on activities. You will be able to extract plant DNA, explore how light is used by plants, and some of the most recent, revolutionary innovations we are working on to produce more food for the future.

We will also have a photographic exhibition, Focus on Photosynthesis, showcasing the 15 finalists of a photo competition in our Centre. This intriguing exhibition will take you inside the leaf and over the crop fields through the eyes of plant scientists.

WHAT: “Focus on Photosynthesis: meet the game changers of food security” and ” Science in ACTion event.

WHEN: Friday 10th August (Schools day) 10-2 pm and Saturday 11th August (Community day), 2018, 10-4 pm

WHERE: Old Bus Depot, 21 Wentworth Avenue, Kingston, Canberra, Australia

For more information about National Science week 2018 visit http://www.scienceweek.net.au/