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TropAg 2015 Centre Symposium “Redesigning photosynthesis to meet the global productivity challenge”

Where: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

When: Wednesday 18th November 2015

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This symposium reviews developments in photosynthesis research to achieve the next revolution in plant productivity. Advances in photosynthesis research, crop bioengineering, plant phenomics, and computational tools to realise increased and sustainable crop yields will be covered. The continuum of co-ordinated fundamental and applied photosynthesis research required within targeted crop improvement projects will be discussed.



C4 (source files)C4 Conference 2016: Past Present and Future

Where: QT Hotel Conference Centre, Canberra, Australia

When: 10-13 April, 2016

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2016 marks 50 years since the publication of the biochemical characterisation of the C4 pathway by Hal Hatch and Roger Slack. This conference commemorates this discovery and its significance in today’s plant biology and agricultural research.

The Conference will bring together world experts in the field of C4 photosynthesis ranging from molecular genetics to ecophysiology to applied efforts to engineer C4 into C3 crops.