Message from the Director

Murray Badger 11

2014 saw the germination of the seeds of Translational Photosynthesis and now, with growth in many aspects of our work, we are pleased to commence this new communication channel for sharing with the world who we are and what we do.

The Centre is an ambitious research venture between researchers at the Australian National University, the University of Queensland, Western Sydney University, the University of Sydney, the CSIRO and the International Rice Research Institute.


As the Centre’s name implies, our research is focussed on generating pioneering discoveries in photosynthesis (the most important biological process on earth!) from the molecule to the field and taking directed attempts to translate these discoveries into improved photosynthesis and growth in both model and crop plant species.

In this first newsletter issue, our feature article highlights the science, technology and people of the Centre associated with photosynthetic gas exchange, a key technology used and developed by the Centre and for which we are internationally recognised.

Other sections of this newsletter highlight aspects of our people, science projects and scientific publications.

Please enjoy these insights into the Centre as well as the latest news and events.