Leaf to Field, Issue 1, Spring 2015

The newsletter of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Translational Photosynthesis

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Welcome from the Centre Director

Murray Badger 11


Welcome to the first edition of the Centre’s new newsletter, entitled “Leaf to Field” in line with the Centre’s goal of translating improvements in photosynthesis into yield increases in the field.

The main aim of this newsletter is to share news about the exciting happenings and evolution of our science, application, outreach and education. Please enjoy these insights into the Centre.


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Instruments that make the invisible, visible


Copyright © Charles Tambiah (All rights reserved - Worldwide).Photosynthetic gas exchange instruments have allowed scientists to deepen their understanding of the photosynthetic process and its limitations. So, what are these machines, how are they evolving and more importantly, how do they contribute to improving photosynthesis and translate those findings to the field?

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In conversation with Susanne von Caemmerer

Susanne von Caemmerer 06

Susanne von Caemmerer is the Deputy Director of the Centre, and a world-wide recognised researcher in the field of photosynthesis. Fortunately for plant sciences, early in her career, this mathematician found a niche explaining photosynthesis with mathematical models, which are now widely used by researchers around the world.

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Upcoming Events


Check out future events organised by the Centre in coming months

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The Centre’s latest news and activities, including outreach events, media releases and recent scientific publications.

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