In the news

Below you can find some research highlights that have made it to the news during the last months:


Turbo charging crops to feed the billions

Our Director, Bob Furbank, was interviewed by known science journalist Robyn Williams on the ABC Science Show.   Listen to the program here


Bravo to two our leading researchers!

This year two of our scientists made news internationally when they were recognised for their lifetime work in photosynthesis. Professor Susanne von Caemmerer was elected fellow of the Royal Society Academy on the UK and Professor Graham Farquhar became the first Australian to receive the Kyoto Prize


Travelling to east Timor to inspire teachers in science.

Centre researcher Rob Sharwood was interviewed by the Canberra times about his trip to East Timor to make a difference in the classroom.

Read the article here 



Here are some of our most recent publications:

Balasaheb V Sonawane, Robert E. Sharwood, Susanne von Caemmerer, Spencer Whitney and Oula Ghannoum. 2017. Short-thermal Photosynthetic responses of c4 grasses are independent of the biochemical type.  Read full article

Evans JR, Morgan PB and von Caemmerer S (2017) Light quality affects chloroplast electron transport rates estimated from chlorophyll fluorescence measurements. Plant & Cell Physiology Read full article

Andries B. Potgieter,Barbara George-Jaeggli, Scott C. Chapman, Kenneth Laws, Luz A. Suárez Cadavid, Jemima Wixted, James Watson, Mark Eldridge, David R. Jordan and Graeme L. Hammer. 2017. Multi-Spectral Imaging from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Enables the Assessment of Seasonal Leaf Area Dynamics of Sorghum Breeding Lines. Frontiers in Plant Science.Read full article

Robert J. Henry, Parimalan Rangan, Agnelo Furtado, Florian A. Busch, Graham D. Farquhar. 2017. Does C4 photosynthesis occur in wheat seeds? Plant Physiology. Published August 2017. Read full article

Florian A. Busch, Ross M. Deans and Meisha-Marika Holloway-Phillips Estimation of photorespiratory fluxes by gas exchange. In: Alisdair R. Fernie et al. (eds.), Photorespiration: Methods and Protocols, Methods in Molecular Biology, vol. 1653, © Springer Science+Business Media LLC.

Dimitri Tolleter, Vincent Chochois, Richard Poiré, G. Dean Price, Murray R. Badger. Measuring CO2 and HCO3 permeabilities of isolated chloroplasts using a MIMS-18O approach.J Exp Bot Published: 19 June 2017. Read full article

Miguel Hernandez-Prieto, Yaquiong Li, Bradley l. Postier, Robert E Blankenship, Min Chen. Far-red light promotes biofilm formation in the cyanobacterium Acaryochloris marina. Environmental Microbiology. October 2017. Read summary