The Centre sought to answer some of the fundamental questions about the most important biological process on Earth: photosynthesis.   These questions were:

  • How to manipulate the fundamental photosynthetic properties of plants which determine light, water and nitrogen-use efficiency.

  • How to alter the molecular properties and function of the primary CO2 fixing enzyme, Rubisco.

  • Gaining fundamental insights into how to change the properties of light harvesting in plants and algae to increase light harvesting efficiency and broaden the action spectrum.

  • How to harness the power of modern plant phenomics, genome sequencing and modern plant breeding to identify improved photosynthetic traits and their underlying genetic determinants.

  • Developing biologically-based computational approaches to devise new strategies for achieving improved photosynthesis and growth.

Here are some research highlights for each of our four interlinked programs:

Our Researchers

The Centre brought together internationally recognised researchers in areas of photosynthesis including photosynthetic CO2 fixation, thylakoid electron transport, light harvesting, photosynthetic water and nitrogen-use efficiency, stomatal biology, photosynthetic modelling, plant phenomics, crop growth modelling and plant improvement.