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Anne-Sophie Dielen

Anne-Sophie’s research focused on sodium/proton antiporters, generating and regulating this sodium gradient in plant chloroplasts. She worked both on bacteria and plants to characterize proteins involved in sodium gradient generation. Anne-Sophie also studies the impact of such a gradient on plant chloroplast physiology.

She holds a PhD in Plant Biology and Biochemistry, Bordeaux II University, France (2009)

Anne-Sophie has a keen interest in plant physiology and biochemistry. She started her science journey working on the complex interplay taking place between phytopathogens and their hosts.

At the end of her PhD, she decided to focus more on plant physiology and how to increase plant yield. She first worked on grain starch metabolism in wheat before moving to the Australian National University to work on the RIPE project.

Anne-Sophie has founded “The League of Remarkable Women in Science” an interview project aiming at empowering female students and early career scientists by giving them positive examples.

Anne-Sophie was part of the Centre in 2014