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Chung-Chi (Alex) Wu

Chung-Chi (Alex) Wu’s research focused on building dynamic plant/crop growth and development models that contain complex plant processes operating at vastly differing temporal and physical scales. He harnessed the models to explore emergent consequences of potential plant trait manipulation in real-world situations, generating knowledge to help translate fundamental plant biology research to crop adaptation and plant improvement.

Chung-Chi (Alex) obtained Bachelor degree in Science (Mathematics/Chemistry) at the University of Queensland before completing honours in developing a mathematical model of starch biosynthetic pathway (Uni of Queensland) and a PhD in further advancing the development of models for grain starch in major crops and leaf starch.

Alex was a research fellow in the Centre conducting research on optimising bioengineering and breeding strategies for increasing photosynthesis and growth in major crops. His research underpined the development of mathematical models linking leaf function and field performance of crops that enable rapid and efficient identification of beneficial traits which will be tested in field trials.

Alex was awarded the 2020 Peter Goldacre award  by the Australian Society of Plant Scientists (ASPS) and in 2018 he received the 2018 Australian Plant Scientists Best paper award.

Some of his publications include:

Nature Plants:

Functional Plant Biology: which received the 2018 Australian Plant Scientists Association Best Paper Award.

More about Alex:


2020 Peter Goldacre medal awarded to Alex Wu

Alex was part of the Centre 2015 to 2020