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Geetika Nand

Geetika’s masters research focused on identifying mechanisms that can explain observed genetic variation in transpiration efficiency in sorghum. This will be done by linking differences in plant level TE and its components of biomass production per unit leaf area and transpiration rates per unit leaf area to leaf level measurements of photosynthetic capacity (light response curves) and leaf conductance (diurnal patterns). This will be investigated to identify genotypes with high transpiration efficiency.

Geetika holds a postgraduate Diploma in Climate Change from the University of South Pacific, Suva, Fiji (2012) and a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biology and Chemistry from the University of South Pacific, Suva, Fiji (2011)

Her expertise is on crop adaptation to abiotic stress (in particular drought), impact of drought stress and climatic variability on community livelihoods, community adaptations to climate change and variability, training and capacity building within communities affected by climate change.

Geetika was awarded the Australian Awards Scholarship in 2015.

Geetika was part of the Centre from 2016 to 2017