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John Evans

Professor John Evans was a co-leader of Program 2 in the Centre which focusses on improving light energy capture. His research interests span projects in all four Programs, but are focussed on improving light use efficiency and manipulating CO2 diffusion inside leaves.

John areas of expertise include whole plant and leaf physiology, gas exchange and stable isotope discrimination, nitrogen investment in leaves, crop growth and development, crop improvement and ecological impacts of climate change.

Since gaining his PhD in 1984 he has been researching photosynthesis for 30 years. He has held postdoctoral positions in the UK and CSIRO Plant Industry. He was awarded a Queen Elizabeth II fellowship in 1988.

John is a highly cited plant physiologist who is internationally renowned for his research on photosynthesis in relation to nitrogen, light and leaf anatomy, and understanding the CO2 diffusion pathway within leaves.

His international research impact was recognised by election to the Australian Academy of Sciences in 2013. He is also a monitoring editor for Plant Physiology and on the editorial board of Plant, Cell & Environment.

John was part of the Centre from 2014 to 2021