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Jose Jimenez-Berni

Jose Jimemez-Berni was an Associate Investigator of the centre and a researcher at the CSIRO Agriculture Flagship, High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre

Jose’s research focused on the development of high throughput phenotyping techniques using a suite of remote sensing tools such as hyperspectral, thermal and LiDAR imaging.  He also worked with developing spectranomics for agriculture, which involve the extraction of spectral traits from plant as way to evaluate biochemistry and plant physiology using a combination of hyperspectral and LiDAR imaging.

His expertise is on big-data analysis and image processing, including non-invasive and non-destructive monitoring of plant physiology using remote sensing.

Jose completed a Agriculture Engineering (MEng) Universidad de Cordoba, Spain in 2001 and a PhD  in Remote Sensing of Plant Physiology with a thesis entitled “Water stress detection using airborne remote sensing acquired from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)”

Jose was part of the Centre from 2016 to 2019