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Miguel Hernandez-Prieto

Miguel did his PhD under the supervision of Professor Christiane Funk at the University of Umea, Sweden, and Professor Wim Vermaas at Arizona State University, USA. This allowed him to benefit from the knowledge of both laboratories and spend half of its PhD time in each institution. His thesis, titled “The small cab-like proteins in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp.PCC 6803”, focused on the functional characterization of these one-helix chlorophyll binding proteins. In his first post-doc appointment at the University of Algarve, Miguel acquired multiple bioinformatics skills under the supervision of Dr. Matthias Futschik.

Miguel was applying his acquired knowledge to complete the genome analysis of the chlorophyll-f containing cyanobacteria H. hongdechloris. He then investigated the molecular mechanism of light-harvesting complexes using red-shifted chlorophylls by using in vivo and in vitro technologies.

Miguel was part of the Centre from 2014 to 2021