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Robert Wilson

Robert (Robbie) received his Bsc(Hons) at Massey University, New Zealand in 2009 and worked with the Program 1 team, Improving leaf CO2 capture efficiency, in the Whitney Lab at the Australian National University. His current research is on the directed evolution of Rubisco and translational applications in higher plants.

Robbie’s key areas of expertise are molecular evolution and Rubisco biochemistry. In 2010 he was one third of a team who patented an invention, publicised in March 2011, which related to fusion polypeptides comprising a polynucleotide-binding domain, such as a DNA-binding domain, and a ligase domain, such as a DNA ligase domain, methods for the production of such fusion polypeptides, and uses of the fusion polypeptides, for example in a range of molecular biological techniques as well as applications in the diagnostics, protein production, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and medical fields.

Invention – Fusion polypeptides and uses thereof

Robert was part of the Centre from 2014 to 2015