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Yan Zhao

Dr. Yan Zhao worked with Andries Potgieter on analysis of images from the field phenotyping activity in Program 3. He is specialised in satellite and aerial imagery analysis and applications. Yan completed a PhD in Natural Science at the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2013. He joined the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation in 2018 and his research was focused on the application of very high-resolution satellite imagery for precise crop monitoring and crop yield prediction in response to the changing climate conditions in Australia.

Yan’s research was focused on the use of high-resolution imagery with multispectral information collected from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) platforms for effective high-throughput phenotyping. This includes developing the pipeline for handling the big volume of UAV data and developing machine learning algorithms for detecting plant organ characteristics in field plots.

Yan was part of the Centre from 2019 to 2020