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Yazen Al-Salman

Yazen’s PhD project explored how leaf structural and functional traits impact water use efficiency (WUE) in the C4 crop Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor). The project determined how leaf anatomical traits enable S. bicolor leaves to adapt to high temperatures by focussing on the response of stomatal and hydraulic traits in different genotypes with varying leaf width and carbon isotope composition.  The project will utilise a range of techniques including microscopy, gas exchange and combined carbon and oxygen stable isotope analysis.

Before joining the Centre at the Western Sydney University Node,  Yazen studied a BSc Biological Sciences at the University of Essex, UK. with an Honours Thesis antitled “Have changes in leaf functional physiology influenced plant photosynthetic capacity over geological time?”, and a MSc (by Research) Environmental Biology, at the same University, working on a project entitled: “The influence of the evolution of anatomical characters on leaf hydraulic capacity

Yazen was part of the Centre from 2017 to 2021