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Yogesh Keshav Chaudhari

Yogesh project focussed on understanding the interplay between sugar signalling and C4 photosynthesis. His PhD addressed the critical knowledge gap in order to better elucidate the role of sugar sensing in higher plants. The main aim of his project was to determine how sugar sensing regulates C4 photosynthesis and how does it differ from C3 photosynthesis. He used a functional genomics approach by over-expressing the sugar sensing genes in the C4 plant model Setaria viridis. These over-expression sugar sensing transformants will be characterised using sugar feeding and light manipulation experiments which will help in identifying how such changes in wild type and mutants will impact sugar sensing, photosynthesis and the leaf transcriptome. The outcomes of this study will contribute significant insights towards understanding of the molecular mechanisms underpinning sugar feedback of photosynthesis.

Before joining the Centre, Yogesh worked at the University of Aberdeen, UK and University of Exeter, UK as experimental officer in the field of human and plant fungal pathogens.

Yogesh was a PhD student at Western Sydney University under the supervision of Chief Investigator Oula Ghannoum. He obtained his Bachelor in Pharmacy at the University of Pune, India in 2007 and completed a masters degree in Biotechnology in 2008 at the University of Albertay Dundee in the UK.

Yogesh was part of the Centre from 2018 to 2021