Research for a plant science revolution

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The ARC Centre of Excellence for Translational Photosynthesis works with the most sophisticated suite of photosynthetic measurement technologies in Australia, located in our extensive state-of-the-art plant science facilities, which include modern plant quarantine facilities.

By bringing together leading researchers and cutting edge facilities from multiple institutions, this Centre is leading photosynthesis innovation into the future.

“Improving photosynthesis is now widely recognised as the new frontier for increasing crop yields.

This is a promising, and until recently, underexplored and underexploited area of science”.

Professor Murray Badger, Centre Director

The Centre’s scientists are internationally recognised in areas of photosynthesis research including: photosynthetic CO2 fixation, thylakoid electron transport, light harvesting, photosynthetic water and nitrogen-use efficiency, stomatal biology, photosynthetic modelling, plant phenomics, crop growth modelling and plant improvement.

The Centre aims to achieve breakthroughs in photosynthetic improvement by:

  • Undertaking fundamental and applied research projects at the leading edge of photosynthesis research.
  • Targeting projects with a high probability of producing increasing yield in agricultural crop species, such as wheat, rice and sorghum.
  • Linking with national and international institutions, consortia, breeding agencies and private companies to enhance the funding scope and potential outcomes of the projects.

profile-john-evans“Technology keeps changing, so things that were not possible a few years ago suddenly have become possible and you discover things no one has seen.

In the case of photosynthesis, they are discoveries that have an enormous potential to change the world.”

Professor John Evans, Australian National University