Here you can find useful resources for scientists working on photosynthesis research:

Dr Alex Wu showing the crop simulation software, DCaPS

The Diurnal Canopy Photosynthesis Simulator (DCaPS) is an online application developed by Centre researchers, that predicts how crop growth is affected by photosynthetic changes at the molecular, cellular or leaf level of plants.

Enhancing photosynthesis has the potential to increase crop yields, but the link between photosynthesis and crop productivity is not straightforward because it crosses multiple scales of biological organisation. This modelling tool helps researchers navigate through these complexities to identify targets that have the greatest impact on crop yield.

 Click here to access DCaPS



 The Biochemical Models of Leaf Photosynthesis, is a comprehensive presentation of the most widely used models of steady-state photosynthesis by our Deputy Director Professor Susanne von Caemmerer , who is a world authority. Treatments of CO3, CO4 and intermediate pathways of photosynthesis in relation to environment have been update to include work on antisense transgenic plants. It will be a standard reference for the formal analysis of photosynthetic metabolism in vivo by advanced students and researchers.

Read the full document here

 Click on the link below to access the C4 Photosynthesis curve for the model plant Setaria.

Click here to access the Excel file to use the A-Ci curve model Setaria  



Click on the link below to access the A/Ci curve fitting utility from the 2017 Plant, Cell and Environment publication by Sharkey et al.

Click here to access the PCE_1710_ACicurve fitting tool from Sharkey et al. 2007