The changing face of photosynthesis

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Centre’s Chief Investigator Graeme Hammer, was interviewed on the ACB Brisbane about the importance of photosynthesis research and the launch of the new ARC Centre of Excellence for Photosynthesis research.

“What we are looking at here is something that could be transformational in the sense that if we can work this out and make these sort of changes we can get much larger effects on the productivity of those plants,” he said to ABC reporter David Curnow.

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Professor Graeme Hammer, from the University of Queensland is a Chief Investigator of the recently launched Centre. The University of Queensland (UQ) research component of the Centre will include major projects on photosynthetic variation in sorghum and mathematical modelling of photosynthesis.

A UQ project investigating the mechanisms and genes regulating photosynthetic performance in sorghum will be led by Associate Professor David Jordan, while research on developing a dynamic crop model linking leaf function and field performance will be led by Graeme Hammer (pictured).

“In collaboration with participants from ANU and CSIRO, we will be linking a model of a leaf’s photosynthetic biochemistry to canopy growth and crop yield models for major cereals,” Professor Hammer said.