TropAg 2017, see you there!

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The International Tropical Agriculture Conference, TropAg 2017, will ne held at the Brisbane Conference Centre, from the 20-22 of November 2017. See full program here.

TropAg2017 is the world’s leading tropical agriculture event bringing together the best in research and innovation, across plant, animal and food sciences. TropAg2017 focuses on science and technology solutions across the agriculture and food supply chain, including technology and investment.

TropAg2017 is the premier event for anyone concerned with addressing the many challenges in tropical and sub-tropical agriculture and food production. The 2017 conference theme is “high impact science to nourish the world”, reflecting the critical role of science, technology and innovation to the many challenges facing tropical and sub-tropical agriculture and food production globally.

Who attends TropAg2017?

Researchers, investors, agribusiness professionals, policy makers, agricultural technicians, producers and students find TropAg2017 an excellent opportunity to network, and to and learn from colleagues and leading scientific practitioners from Australia, and the world.

Our Centre is participating with several presentations and we are sponsoring one of the Symposia: Photosynthesis in the field: phenomics, genomics and modelling.

Here is a summary of our symposium:

The pressing need to dramatically increase crop yields to meet global demand has resulted in several initiatives to improve photosynthetic performance. This symposium will explore avenues under active research and present an update on progress with particular emphasis on field application. The symposium will feature research on the biochemistry and genetic underpinning of photosynthetic pathways in major crop species, opportunities for manipulating those pathways, advanced phenotyping to seek natural variation in photosynthetic traits in breeding populations, and advanced cross-scale modelling to quantify likely consequences in field-production environments of potential photosynthetic modifications.