Honours Opportunities

The Centre has state-of-the-art plant science research facilities at its six nodes, including ANU, the University of Queensland, the University of Sydney, Western Sydney University, CSIRO and the International Institute for Rice Research (IRRI) located in the Philippines.



We provide students with an unique opportunity to work with internationally recognised leaders in exciting photosynthesis research projects from one of the following programs:



Contacts and topics for potential Honours projects in 2020 include:

Identification of genotypic variability in wheat and sorghum. Available at the University of Queensland.

Talk to: Graeme Hammer  

Unravelling the mysteries of C4 photosynthesis to boost crop production
Talk to: Robert Furbank robert.furbank@anu.edu.au, Susanne von Caemmerer  susanne.caemmerer@anu.edu.au, Maria Ermakova maria.ermakova@anu.edu.au

Tools and techniques for measuring photosynthesis in the field
Talk to: Robert Furbank  robert.furbank@anu.edu.au, Tony Condon tony.condon@csiro.au, Gonzalo Estavillo gonzalo.estavillo@csiro.au

Using aquaporins to enhance photosynthesis and plant performance
Talk to: John Evans john.evans@anu.edu.au, Michael Groszmann Michael.groszmann@anu.edu.au

Capturing light, driving productivity
Talk to: John Evans  john.evans@anu.edu.au, Susanne von Caemmerer  susanne.cammerer@anu.edu.au

Using cyanobacterial bicarbonate transporters and carboxysomes to enhance crop photosynthesis

Talk to:  Dean Price dean.price@anu.edu.au

Supercharging CO2 fixation in plants
Talk to:  Spencer Whitney spencer.whitney@anu.edu.au, Robert Sharwood Robert.sharwood@anu.edu.au