Designed to Thrive for Life

The use of genetic technologies is widely debated but the techniques themselves are often not described. This teacher resource is designed to show how a plants DNA affects its survival, and how genetic technologies are being used in current research. The experiments and activities included in this unit are based on current photosynthesis and food security research. The unit contains six lessons designed to achieve biology and food and fibre curriculum outcomes. The lessons include interactive games that represent real world concepts, an inquiry based investigation, a method for classroom friendly DNA extraction, and a student challenge to solve the world issue of securing food security for the world’s population. Researcher profiles are included to directly link your classroom to the research.

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Year 6

Scientific Method Worksheet

What’s that DNA trying to say worksheets:

Trait Key

Student worksheet

Printable DNA

Design your line worksheets:

Student worksheet for everyone

Cross breeding worksheet

Cross breeding printable

Gene editing worksheet

Gene editing printable

Gene transformation worksheet

Gene transformation printable